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This view I have a very hard time understanding how can be seen from the Short Line being that it had no grades in this area... I know that around 1903 there was a connection between the Short Line grade near Goldfield over to the M.T. grade allowing trains to cross over to the M.T, and use it's victor depot and roadbed into Cripple Creek, but this view is taken up near the Ajax Mine and only Short Line track up there was a branch line ending at the Ajax Mine...

The roadbed seen below the cribbing is the mainline of the M.T. bypassing Victor higher up on Battle Mountain, using a switchback down hill further west to reach its station partly visible among the dumps at about middle left.

It is a somewhat common view of Victor though, showing the Gold Coin Mine rebuilt in brick after the 1899 fire, and further down hill the shaft house of the St. Patrick Mine can be seen, suggesting this image has been photographed sometime between 1900 to 1907.

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