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Gold King [aka El Paso Gold King]
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Sadly, this photo has not had the best meeting with time, it has darkened itself, and turned a darker brown with details lost forever, but I've tried my best to enhance it somewhat to try bringing out details better. Backside only have the words ''Cripple Creek Co; Circa 1901; Gold King Mine; RSX98'', no names of the miners posing here.
The Gold King Shaft house is the earlier one before they put up the higher cupola over the larger Head Frame they put in at an unknown time, possible around October 1900 as I have seen it reported they closed the mine to put in a new plant that would be a duplicate of one that recently was placed in the Strong mine. I've also seen a postcard with preprinted 190 for the Date with the larger tower in place so I would guess this photo to be from no later than late summer 1900, most likely from before that time though. There are 3 smokestacks in this photo, I've seen four on the more common views of this mine, I suppose that might also have changed in the October 1900 timeframe. I've also have a stereoview with a copyright Date of 1900 with the larger tower seen, so my guess this is a 189x photograph.
Beside the many unknown men in this view, there is seen the upper part of the shaft house with its small cupola for light/air use I think, a shed and the power plant structure with its 3 smokestacks and a vent cupola on its rooftop. In addition, part of the orehouse is in lower left corner with a trestle across to the shaft house, but too damaged to make out any details. Same with the Flag hanging from a pole on top of the shaft house, it is too much blurred into the background to stand out.Gold King - One of the Best Producers in the CC Dist. Miners Posing with Structures in the Background.
Photo by: Unknown [189?]
My Collection; Photographs; cropped from a 300dpi scan, enhanced somewhat to try get better details out.
Media ID: 221
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Combination Vertical & Adit Mine
Date Located / Formed:
Womack/Tenderfoot Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
  • Gold King Mining Company ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
Fate details:
Owned by:
  • Gold King Mining Company
Known claims:
  • El Paso lode - 7377
  • Stop Short lode - 7335
  • Rosetta lode - 8575
  • Triangle lode - 8740
  • Sundown lode - 9593
  • E.C.L. & F. lode - 8833
  • Lookout lode - 8833
  • Jim Blaine lode - 7419 [part of]
Location Claim Description:
Patented Date:
Mineral Certificate No.:
General Land Office No.:
Known Transportation Connection:
    Extra Info/Details [Linked at One Time to the Entity]:

    Known Producing Info:
    June 1892 Regular shipments
    General notes:
    I have used the 1900 Manual Book by Hills to put all claims listed as own by the company then under this mine name.