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Carbonate Queen
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Aspen Daily Chronicle 29.05.1893 Volume: 5 [V] Issue: 274
Page: 1 [General Mining News]: Carbonate Queen claim

  Mr. E. F. Welles returned yesterday from camp and brought with him some very fine rock from the Dead Pine and Carbonate Queen lodes.
  Work is proceeding regularly on the claims of the Ophir company and it is predicted that they will join the shippers in the near future.
- Gazette.

Mining and Scientific Press 03.10.1908 Volume: 97 [XCVII] Issue: 14
Page: 446 [General Mining News]: Carbonate Queen

  The Carbonate Queen, on the west slope of Battle Mtn., at Cripple Creek, has again resumed shipments.
  The Big Four Leasing Co., which has a lease on the property, has recently completed a pipe-line from the Ajax and is now using power drills in breaking the ore.

Mining and Scientific Press 18.10.1913 Volume: 107 Issue: 16
Page: 629 [General Mining News]: Carbonate Queen claim

  The Carbonate Queen claim of 10 acres, on Battle mountain, has been acquired by the El Oro Mining & Milling Co. for $75,000.
  A shaft is down 600 ft., and 3000 ft. of development has been done, the yield being about $100,000.

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