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Bull Hill Sampler [aka Cripple Creek Sampler; Bull Hill Works; Black Sampler]
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Fairplay Flume 14.12.1900 Volume: Issue: 45
Page: 1 [Mining Notes]: Cripple Creek Ore Sampling Company

  The Cripple Creek Ore Sampling Company's sampling mill is nearly completed. Its location is on the Midland Short Line tracks, south of Bull Cliff, and is called the largest sampler in the district.
  In the main, its work will be to sample and crush the ore that goes to the chlorination mills at Colorado City. It belongs to the same parties that control the Colorado-Philadelphia reduction works.

Mining Reporter 08.09.1904 Volume: Issue: 10
Page: 241 [Article]: Cripple Creek/Black Sampler

The C. C. or Black Sampler.

  The ore is taken from the cars in a wheelbarrow and dumped directly into a crusher of the Blake type, from which it is elevated to a revolving screen with one-inch openings. The oversize from this screen is sent to rolls and the product of the rolls again returned to the screen, so that the ore, as it goes to the samplers, is all reduced to one-inch size, or less.
  The Vezin automatic sampler is employed.

  At the Black sampler each machine takes out one-fifth of the ore, that which passes to the second sampler first going through a revolving cylinder with interior projecting arms, which serves to mix the sample. No intervening reduction in size takes place. From the second sampler the part taken out, which is now one twenty-fifth of the original, is sent to the sampling floor.
  Here it is piled by shovels into a cone, each shovelful being placed on top of the cone and allowed to run down the sides. Four wheelbarrows are now placed around the pile and, going around the pile, alternate shovels are thrown into the barrows and into four piles around the original central pile. Starting now with these four piles alternate shovels are delivered to the barrows and to a new central pile.
  In this manner the sample is reduced to one wheel-barrowful. This is then run through a pair of rolls set tight, and the sample reduced to about 50% of the ordinary method of coning and quartering. This is then dried and passed through a coffee mill, after which it is reduced to the required bulk by riffles and then bucked to 100 mesh.

Scheme of Sampling at the Black Sampler:

Blake Crusher
Elevator to Revolving Screen
â   â   á
â   Oversize   á
â   â  ä
â   Rolls ä
Vezim  Sampler
1/5 to Revolving Mixer
Vezim Sampler
1/5 to Sampling Floor
Halved by Alternate Shovels
1 Wheelbarrow Full to Rolls
Coned and Quartered to 50 oz.
Coffee Mill
Reduced by Riffles
Bucked to 100 Mesh

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