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Eagle Sampler
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The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.12.1900 Volume: Issue: 6
Page: 96 [Trade Notices]: Eagle Ore Sampling Company

  Smith & Thompson, manufacturers of fine assay balances at 2219 Stout St., Denver, Colo., have recently placed their balances with the Eagle Ore Sampling Company, in addition to many others houses.

Mining Reporter 29.12.1904 Volume: Issue: 26
Page: 710 [Mining News]: Eagle Sampler

(Staff Correspondence)

  The Eagle sampler handles about 350 tons daily.

Mining Science 05.03.1908 Volume: Issue: 10
Page: 257 [Mining News]: Eagle Ore Sampling Company

  The increased ore shipments of the camp are well illustrated by the tonnage handled at the sampling works. For example, the Eagle Ore Sampling Co. recently sampled in two shifts of 9.5 hrs. each 38 cars, containing 1,052 tons of ore.
  The previous heaviest run at this sampler had been under 900 tons.

Mining and Scientific Press 03.05.1919 Volume: Issue: 18
Page: 614 [Review of Mining]: Eagle Ore Company

  At the meeting of the Eagle Ore Co., held at the sampler in this district on April 12, the former officers headed by G.S. Wood as president and G.A. Stahl, secretary, were re-elected.

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