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The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.11.1897 Volume: 18 [XVIII] Issue: 4
Page: 15 [Personals]: - Personal, W.B. Milliken

  The charge of the mill of the Colorado Ore Sampling and Reduction Company, at Arequa Gulch, Colo., has been turned over to W. B. Milliken.

Morning Times 31.07.1898 Volume: 6 [VI] Issue: 70
Page: 1 [Article]: Arequa Mill Ore Output, July



Production of July Fully Equal to That of June.











  Above is given the figure for this Mill's July output of gold ore from the Cripple creek district. In spite of the fact that the month just closing claimed a long holiday, the returns from mills and smelters show that the camp has fully come up to the high standard set in June. The total reaches a trifle over $1,300,000.

  The stamp mills seem to have been eliminated permanently from the situation. None of them have been in operation for several months.

  The outlook for the future is bright, indeed. The great mines are in many instances nearing 1,000 feet in depth, and find the ore bodies richer and wider than nearer the surface. The permanency of the camp is more and more apparent. The most cordial relations exist between labor and capital. Eastern and foreign capital is more and more attracted by the opportunities here offered, and altogether the camp never appeared more prosperous that it does at the close of this month of July.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.11.1898 Volume: 20 [XX] Issue: 3
Page: 13 [General Mining News]: Colorado Ore Reduction Company Production September

(Colorado Springs Mining Investor)
[The below info might have nummerical error, but unknown if it is with tons, average or totals, or all or any other combination, as the source text gave a long list and when checking, it don't match up, but no indications to where it don't match up. So be aware!]
  The September production is said to be from the Colorado Ore Reduction Company of:
  • 2,950 tons
  • average value per ton, $35
  • total value, $103,250.

Morning Times 22.12.1898 Volume: 6 [VI] Issue: 192
Page: 2 [Advertising]: - Ads, Colorado Ore Reduction Company

The Colorado Ore Reduction Co.
Phone 10[?], P.O. Box 83, Elkton, Colo.

  Pays the highest cash price for cyanide and chlorination ores. Prompt settlements. Ore taken F.O.B. Midland Terminal railroad any part of the district.
Arthur A. Brownlee, President
W.B. Milliken, General Manager
Robert F. Little, Secretary Treasure

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.01.1899 Volume: 20 [XX] Issue: 7
Page: 13 [General Mining News]: Colorado Ore Reduction Company

  The manager of the Colorado Ore Reduction Company, Arequa gulch, report that it has treated 2,400 tons, averaging $28. Gave a gross value of $67,200.

Morning Times 23.07.1899 Volume: 7 [VII] Issue: 200
Page: 1 [Mining Notes]: Arequa Mill

  The Arequa mill is busy in both the cyanide and chlorination departments. It is going now at its utmost capacity.

Morning Times 11.08.1899 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 1 [Article]: An Electric Plant [at Arequa Mill]

Arequa Mill to Make a Complete Change in Its Power.

  Within sixty days the Arequa mill will be the first in the state to adopt electric power to drive its machinery. The contracts have been let for three motors, of 100, 50 and 40 horse power. It is the first time that electricity will have been adapted to the treatment of ore in Colorado, and it will therefore be watched with considerable interest by all.

  This does not mean that the steam plant will be dismantled, for it will be held in reserve, to be used in the event of an accident, and thus the mill will have two kinds of power and will be splendidly equipped in every respect with its dual power driving plants.

Morning Times 30.08.1899 Volume: 7 [VII] Issue: 231
Page: 1 [City Briefs]: Arequa Mill


  The report that there is a strike in the Arequa Mill is not true. Manager Milliken returned from Denver last night and said that his mill is running a full twenty-four hours, with no indications of a dispute of any kind.
  He is at a loss to understand how such a report was published in Denver.

Electricity 30.08.1899 Volume: 17 [XVII] Issue: 8
Page: 122 [Mining Notes]: Arequa Mill

Colorado Springs, Col. - The "Gazette" says:

  "The Colorado Electric Power Company has closed a contract with the Arequa sampling works mill, located near the Elkton mine in Arequa gulch. This mill takes 250 horse power. The plant will be immediately connected up.
  The Arequa will be running by electric power by the first of October. Together with the Economic Gold Extraction Mill, these two concerns are the largest users of electricity in the district.

Morning Times 31.12.1899 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 5 [Article]: Arequa Mill Ore Output, December

  The output for the month of December is as follows:


Per ton




$ 23

$ 46,000

  The output for the Cripple Creek district for the month of December is $2,968,250.

Morning Times-Citizen 01.03.1900 Volume: 10 [X] Issue: 75
Page: 3 [General Mining News]: Arequa Mill Ore Output, February







Arequa Mill


$ 24.00

$ 61,200

Fairplay Flume 14.12.1900 Volume: 22 [XXII] Issue: 45
Page: 1 [Mining Notes]: Arequa Mill to Close

Mills Move to the Valley.

  Within another thirty days there will be but one reduction works running in the entire Cripple Creek district and that will be the Economic mill, owned and controlled by that energetic firm, the Woods Brothers of Victor, says the Cripple Creek Times-Citizen.
  The plant of the Colorado Ore Reduction Company is shortly to close, in fact, almost all the ore formerly treated at the mill has been diverted to the new Union mill at Florence.

  The passing of the local mills has been on for some time, and those aquainted with the condition of affairs knew that it would be but a short time that a custom mill could exist here in the district and make expenses, let alone pay a dividend on the money invested in the works.
  The people owning the Union mill at Florence are practically those that own the Colorado plant down at Arequa, but rates are so excessively high here and the advantages so great in the valley that another plant was built down there and within a short time their local mill will be closed for good.

Fairplay Flume 14.12.1900 Volume: 22 [XXII] Issue: 45
Page: 1 [Mining Notes]: Arequa Milll Ore Output, November

The November Output of this Mill:









The total output of the Cripple Creek mines for the month of November is estimated at 44,200 tons of ore treated, with a gross value of $1,960,300.

The Cripple Creek Times 01.01.1903 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 7 [Article]: Arequa Mill Production 1902

  During 1902 the following tonnage was handled by the:




Arequa, Cripple Creek


$ 114,804

  The total tonnage of ore produced in 1902 amounted to 674,327 tons, of which 515,327, valued at $15,177,811, were treated by the mills and the balance, 159,000 tons, valued at $9,330,500, were treated at the smelters of the state.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 10.01.1903 Volume: 75 [LXXV] Issue: 2
Page: 97 [General Mining News]: Arequa Mill

  From all accounts Mr. Heller, who is operating this mill is doing fairly well. He is making a specialty of low-grade, oxidized ores, principally dumps.
  At present teams are hauling down the Wild Horse dump. The mill belongs to the Colorado Ore Reduction Company, and is leased by Mr. Heller.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.04.1903 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 610 [General Mining News]: Arequa Mill

  This mill, in Arequa Gulch, near Elkton, has been totally destroyed by fire this week. For some time the mill has been worked under a lease treating low-grade oxidized ores from a number of dumps.
  The mill was originally erected about 6 or 7 years ago as a cyanide mill, and was afterward enlarged and a chlorination plant added. A considerable portion of the Wild Horse dump has been run through the mill. The property is understood to have been well insured.

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