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The source image had below it four names mention, and as I see four men on the right-hand side it is easy to think those four is the same persons, but I am not certain. The names given is: Eben Smith, President; W.S. Montgomery, Vice-President; R.H. Reid, Secretary & Treasurer; W.P. Dunham, General Manager.
Mine is self is known as Hull City, quite prominent and impressive located in the town of Independence on Bull Hill. Altman is on top of hill in background, left of the shaft-house. This mine was connected to the Golden Circle railroad.The Property of the Independence Consolidated Gold Mining Company.
Photo by: E. Ostby
My Collection; From page 52 in a 1901 book named Program of Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress.
Media ID: 171
This is a view at a smaller Mine operation at the location of the former larger Hull City Mine, the cribbing seen further uphill in the background was part of the large Findley Dump. What happened to the much larger and well-known Hull City Mine I have no knowledge about, maybe it burned? Maybe it got tore down?
   * About 2/7 down from top and nearly 1/7 in from left-hand side, against the sky, is the top of the Head-frame at the Specimen Mine seen with its wheel about center of the top frame from right to left in this view – very hard to make out on the postcard scan, easier to see on my 1200dpi scan.
   * About 1/7 down from top and about 1/7 in from right-hand side is another Head-Frame seen, and I keep wondering if this might not be the eastern Lucky Guess shaft? Very hard to tell, the old shaft house is long gone.
   * The old Golden Circle Mainline is seen about 2/5 down from top, entering the view at left-side, climbing a little, hide behind a dump at the crib-wall, then being visible a little again before exiting behind a new dump at the right-hand side. Below the crib-wall, almost at middle down/top is the old grade of the High Line, and the Short Line Portland branch – long gone in this view as I see no line side poles, so this help dating the view to be after the demise of the Trolley Service in late 1919.
   * Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Victor dated August 1919 (Sheet 10; Independence) shows the more common old larger structure at this location, so I do think this view is way later but have nothing to compare it with.Cropped; Hull City Mine, Bull Hill in the 1930-40's ?
Photo by: Lehr ?
My Collection; cropped, straighten & enhanced from my 300dpi scanned postcard.
Media ID: 306
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Date Located / Formed:
Bull Hill
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
  • John Tompkins ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
  • I.L. Stebbins ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
  • Gus Hull ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
  • W.H. Craigue ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
  • W.S. Montgomery ( Info From Claim/Survey Map )
Destroyed in Open Pit
Fate details:
Owned by:
  • John Tompkins
    -> 1893-05-08 [claim Map]
  • I.L. Stebbins
    -> 1893-05-08 [claim Map]
  • Gus Hull
    -> 1893-05-08 [claim Map]
  • W.H. Craigue
    -> 1893-05-08 [claim Map]
  • W.S. Montgomery
    -> 1893-05-08 [claim Map]
Known claims:
  • Hull City Placer - 8106
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    Map is interesting in the form that it has several Structures drawn in, a Spring and a Well, several Shafts, a Tunnel, and a road is also shown. The road is possible running where the later street of Independence will come, almost from top left corner to bottom right corner, with all structures concentrated more or less near upper left part and the shafts spread around the whole grounds. The Tunnel is going into the hill near upper left, making this going straight west.