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Alpha and Omega Mine
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Mining and Scientific Press 05.03.1921 Volume: Issue: 10
Page: 339 [Review of Mining]: Dig Gold Mining Company

  Stockholders of the Dig Gold Mining Co., owning the Alpha and Omega on the southern slope of Gold Hill adjoining the Caledonia mine, have formed a leasing syndicate, secured a five-year lease, and will continue development started on company account.
  The syndicate, comprised of a majority of the Dig Gold stockholders, is extending the drift on the west vein northward and is nearing the junction of this vein with the southern extension of the rich Pointer or Keystone vein that produced high-grade ore on the Index properties.

Mining and Scientific Press 01.10.1921 Volume: Issue: 14
Page: 481 [Review of Mining]: Alpha and Omega

  Ore sampling $80 to $150 gold, with some silver, has been opened on the Alpha and Omega, adjoining the Caledonia mine on the southern slope of Gold hill.
  The Caledonia, sold by the late W.S. Stratton to a British syndicate, was sold for taxes and debts and is now owned by a Denver man named Doran.
  The Alpha and Omega is owned by the Dig Gold Mining Co., but is operated under lease.

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