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The Engineering & Mining Journal 11.01.1896 Volume: Issue: 2
Page: 37 [General Mining News]: Anne Lee

  The Anne [spelling error for Anna?] Lee, on the top of Battle Mountain, is troubled with water. There are three pumps forcing water to the surface from below the 900-ft. level.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.01.1896 Volume: Issue: 3
Page: 69 [General Mining News]: Anna Lee Cave-In

  Anna Lee mine, owned by the Portland Company, was on January 4th the scene of the worst accident, to all appearances, that has occurred in the Cripple Creek district.
  The shaft has for a week past been crushing; the skip at and above the 300-ft. level was only being hoisted with an extra steam pressure, and six men were employed to secure the ground, though too late, as on that day the first slope, at a depth of 50 ft., caved and carried with it, as far as known at the present writing, everything in the immediate neighborhood.
  The mineral at this mine was simply a shoot of ore about 90 ft. long, with a variable width of from 18 to 24 ft., which was all sent to the smelter. The shaft was commenced close to the ore shoot, but as the shoot dips away from the shaft with depth, it is supposed that the cave does not extend below the 300 ft. level.
  The assistant superintendent and foreman are both in the mine. Every effort is being made by drifting from the Scranton level to communicate with the Anna Lee shaft, and thus if possible rescue the entombed, if they were not caught in the cave.
  At this writing it is reported that one body has been found.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.01.1896 Volume: Issue: 3
Page: 68 [General Mining News]: Anna Lee Cave-In

  The past week saw a very sad accident on the Anna Lee, whereby eight persons lost their lives by a cave in of the shaft above the 5ft. level.

Morning Times 15.02.1896 Volume: Issue: 258
Page: 1 [General Mining News]: Anna Lee Shall Be Worked Through the Lower Workings

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  President Burns of the Portland company was in town last night and to a TIMES reporter stated that it will be fully three months before the Anna Lee can be opened up through the lower workings but the output from the other shafts will more than make up for the deficiency from this source.

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