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Dead Pine - North Incline Shaft
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Aspen Daily Chronicle 29.05.1893 Volume: 5 [V] Issue: 274
Page: 1 [General Mining News]: Dead Pine claim

  Mr. E. F. Welles returned yesterday from camp and brought with him some very fine rock from the Dead Pine and Carbonate Queen lodes.
  Work is proceeding regularly on the claims of the Ophir company and it is predicted that they will join the shippers in the near future.
- Gazette.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.01.1897 Volume: 16 [XVI] Issue: 8
Page: 8 [General Mining News]: Output of the Dead Pine Mine for 1896

Cripple Creek Mail:
  The Dead Pine Mine, one of the leading Cripple Creek Mines, employing 12 men, did output for 1896 a total of 100 tons at a Gross Value of $4,000.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.03.1897 Volume: 16 [XVI] Issue: 12
Page: 12 [General Mining News]: Dead Pine

  The Dead Pine on Battle mountain, Cripple Creek, is being worked under lease and bond by Dennis Sullivan and others of Denver. This shaft has been sunk 500 feet and about two cars of ore each week is hoisted from the 400 and 500-foot level.

Colorado State Mining Directory, 1898 - Buyer's Guide to Representative Mining Machinery and Supply Houses of America 1898 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 192 & 201 [Mine Info]: Dead Pine Mine

Principal Producing Cripple Creek Mines - 1898:

Name:                        Dead Pine Mine
Owner:                        Ophir Mining and Milling Co.
Capital:                $700,000
President:                A. K. Fiscal
Secretary:                E. F. Welles, Colorado Springs
Superintendent:        J. W. Phillips, Victor
Lessees:                Dennis Sullivan et al.
Description:                550-foot shaft; 30- and 60-horse power boilers; 3-drill Rand compressor; double flat friction hoist, built by Denver Engineering Works Co.
Employes:                thirty-five employes
Notes:                        own Dead Pine mine on Battle mountain.

Morning Times 26.04.1898 Volume: 5 [V] Issue: 321
Page: 4 [City Briefs]: - Personal, Dennis Sullivan

  Dennis Sullivan of the Dead Pine mine, is in Victor from Denver.

Morning Times 30.04.1898 Volume: 5 [V] Issue: 325
Page: 3 [Article]: Dead Pine



Plant of Machinery Being Installed on the Dead Pine.

  A new plant of machinery is just being erected on the south end of the Ophir company's Dead Pine claim, on the south slope of Battle mountain. The Dead Pine is under lease and bond of $100,000 to Dennis Sullivan.
  The new plant is being put up over a shaft only recently started. It will follow the incline of the vein, and preparations in the way of machinery indicate that it is to be thoroughly explored.

Mining Reporter 18.04.1907 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 16
Page: 363 [Mining News]: Dead Pine

  The several sets of leasers at the Dead Pine on Battle mountain are making aggregate shipments of eight cars weekly.

The Western Investors Review 02.1908 Volume: 14 [XIV] Issue: 9
Page: 65 [News Of The Mines]: Dead Pine

  Peter Hanson and associates, operating through the old shaft on the north end of the Dead Pine, on Battle mountain, has opened up a new vein on the 500-foot level at a point approximately 500 feet northeast of the shaft, which has all appearances of being a permanent ore body.
  Assays taken from the muck pile range from a half to three ounces to the ton, and the initial or trial shipment has left the property.

Mining Science 21.05.1908 Volume: 57 [LVII] Issue: 21
Page: 499 [Mining News]: Dead Pine

  Furst Bros, and Hansen have opened up a good streak of ore on the Dead Pine property.

Mining Science 18.06.1908 Volume: 57 [LVII] Issue: 25
Page: 580 [Mining News]: Dead Pine

  The Furst Bros., operating on the Dead Pine on Battle mountain, shipped two carloads of ore recently averaging from 1 oz. to 2 ozs. in gold per ton.

Mining Science 14.01.1909 Volume: 59 [LIX] Issue: 1 511
Page: 37 [Mining News]: Dead Pine

  The output from the Dead Pine mine on Battle mountain for December amounted to 700 tons, representing a value of over $10,000.

Mining Science 11.02.1909 Volume: 59 [LIX] Issue: 1 515
Page: 117 [General Mining News]: Dead Pine

  A good ore body has been opened up on the 1,000-ft. level in the upper shaft on the Dead Pine mine on Battle mountain. The ore shows a width of over 4 ft. and has a value of $30 without sorting.

Mining Science 03.06.1909 Volume: 59 [LIX] Issue: 1 531
Page: 436 [Mining News]: Dead Pine

  The leasers of the Dead Pine mine on Battle Mtn. have been carrying out necessary dead work for the past two months, and have now resumed shipments from the upper shaft.
  They are operating the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 9th levels.

Mining and Scientific Press 05.04.1919 Volume: 118 Issue: 14
Page: 474 [Review of Mining]: Dead Pine

  Carnduff & Duncan, lessees at the Dead Pine mine of the Granite company, surrender their lease this week after operating the mine continuously for seven years. During this time they have mined 30,800 tons of ore, ranging in value from $8 to $112 per ton.
  The gross production of the lease has been in excess of $500,000, and both of the operators have accumulated a good-size fortune.

Mining and Scientific Press 27.11.1920 Volume: 121 Issue: 22
Page: 776 [Review of Mining]: Dead Pine of the Granite Company

  The Granite company and its lessees are producing and shipping a good grade of ore to the Golden Cycle mill from the Dead Pine property on Battle mountain.

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