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Birds-Eye View of Elkton, Colo.backside of Birds-Eye View of Elkton, Colo.
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08.08.2018 (16:34:26)
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Birds-Eye View of Elkton, Colo.
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1908; As postcard is mailed sometime that year.
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P-03287 [#5704]
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While the image quality is not that great due to the age and distance and all that, it still is a very important image to have! I struggle a little dating it as while it has a post stamp of 1908, I am unable to find the switchback from the M.T. up to the coal bins of Elkton Mine, which is shown on a USGS topographic map dated 1902/1903, which together with the showing of the Low Line which dates this after 1900, should narrow the timeframe down quite much, but the Elkton Mine structures gives me the impression this is way later then near 1900.
graphic for visual presentation of text This due to the fact Sanborn 1900 (CC Sheet 17) shows a different structure here, while photo matches better with Sanborn 1908 map (CC Sheet 30). But then again, that later map fails to show some of the mine structures seen here so that suggest this view predates it. And as my USGS map show a spur not here I must admit that this is from a timeframe of less than 3-years. More research is needed.
graphic for visual presentation of text Near bottom of this view lays a row of houses which forms the upper part of the settlement know as Eclipse, along Eclipse Gulch, stretching from about where F. & C.C. crosses the gulch and to around where the Economic Mill was further down the gulch at left, as far as I know.
graphic for visual presentation of text The grade of the F. & C.C. is seen about 1/4 up from the bottom, with a passenger train near right-hand side, heading towards Cripple Creek. There are several mine operations seen below and above that grade, but my knowledge is way too limited to tell anything about any of them.
graphic for visual presentation of text The town of Elkton is seen on the lower slope of Raven hill in the right-most half of the photo around middle of view top/down, where the large Elkton Mine makes up about center of this card, with the railroad grade of the M.T. running just left of the mine.
graphic for visual presentation of text The Low Line is seen about 1/3 up from bottom near right-hand side, climbing the hill towards left and about middle top/down and about 1/3 in from left-hand side it changes directions and goes towards right, cross over the M.T. on trestle and passes the Elkton mine on the right side.
graphic for visual presentation of text The Thompson large Shaft House (I think) is seen about center of view top/down and about 1/5 in from left-hand side, sadly I don't know of any Sanborn map of this structure, not that I can recall at the time of this writing [08.08.2017].
graphic for visual presentation of text There is also another mine structure at right foreground of the Thompson, left of the Low Line grade, but I dare not guestimate a name for that mine, nor do I dare take a stab at the name of the ones seen inside the town of Elkton either. One is easy to spot, just right of the mainline of M.T. with a large dump area, the other is more hidden among houses, still with a dump though. One day I hope to learn all this, one day.
graphic for visual presentation of text Raven Hill has it shares of mines as well, but the one I sort of care about is the Bostwick Shaft House, seen about 1/3 down from top and slightly right of center of view sideways, up from right-hand side of the Elkton mine.
graphic for visual presentation of text 08.08.2018; Elkton Public School is seen about 1/3 in from right-hand side and about middle top/down, seen as a lighter painted structure with space around it and built upon over the years so roof is in various directions.
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