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This page is made as a way to present pictures and progress info related to the house building. Due to my massive picture posting I've parted this page into months, below you see the links to the pictures from the months passed.

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All the latest happenings is related to the new loft on the old Annex, only pictures and text to them (in Norwegian from January 2008 onward), an can be found/seen on the Photographs page.

Very little have happen related to the house it self. This autumn I've been busy doing construction on a smaller structure on the property, a annex that we are building a loft onto.
Progress on this is found under Photographs and then on top of the page is link to months which will take you to a album for that month of pictures. 


27 February - 28 February 2007
I was able to do some work yesterday (27th of February) morning before we headed of to Oslo and what turned out to be (for now at least LOL) a successful cataract operation on Tore's right eye! :-)
Nailed down two more boards on the roof, to a total of 5, and put up some wood to create the needed space between the asphalt plate and the yet to come wall boards/clapboard for the air-circulation that is needed.

Today I was able to put down 11 more roof boards, I'm now up to a total of 19 down, 9 more is waiting to be put down, except I need a clear sky and no snow/rain as I need to remove the cover we have over the openings. Don't want the boards to become wet.
So, I guess the roof building is now on a break, waiting for better weather.

Tomorrow I guess I fix some of the "left overs" of my wall work, the tidy it up, the small stuff, the missing asphalt plate over the window, and so on. So, by the end of February 2007, I had more or less used up my "do it your self" parts.
The missing door is delayed, will not be here till next week, so I guess it might take a while before I write anything here again.

Till next time, take care.


A strange look at the roof I've been building on, and showing some of the wall leading into the rest of the house. - now to wait till better times to continue building the rest of it. 

Next board is to be here...

From end of roof to end of beams.

The distance between roof & wall.

A view under the roof I've been building, looking at the south wall, separating the basement from the bedroom - getting better each day.

The southern port from the inside.

The northern port from the inside.

My very handy & lovely saw!

Close-up view of the garage door.

The full front of the garage...

For reference, the cabin entry..


23 February -> 26 February 2007
As I mention below, Friday the motors came up and running, but we had only power cable for one of them, so Saturday we where out buying some electrical parts & stuff to use to hook up the other port too. I never got around to photograph the ports after the motors came up, so sorry, no pictures (yet...) of that set up.

I spent the weekend working on my walls, Saturday was out shopping food and so on, and setting up the new saw, little work done - to cold in the garage too...
Sunday, and today, Monday been more productive, I'm still a slow worker, but by end of this day, when the cat came ordering me in, I had put up the rest of the asphalt plates on the wall towards the bathroom & stairway, and even put down the first two planks that is to make up the roof!

Tomorrow we need to go to Oslo as Tore is to have a cataract operation on his right eye. So, no work seem to be done that day... :-( But, we are getting there, slowly, lot of arguing, worrying about money, how to make it all work, and so on.

Still winter, still lot of snow, still cold, but as today show, it is getting warmer and we can during the day see the temperature at least pop up into the above zero on the temperature scale - yeah! :-)


The wall studs are up - seen in the stairway down to basement.

Or as here, seen above the roof beams. You can clearly see both window openings, looking good!

Today, I was able to get the roof started, finally, I'm happy!

Also got all the asphalt plates up, except for this small part at right, need the roof partly up before I can reach this area, but soon... ;-)


20 February - 22 February 2007
Tuesday the 20th of February we got the delivery of the garage ports - yeah!! The problem was that the guy coming with them, and which was also the one putting them up, was sick so he needed to go early.
To come back Wednesday, the next day. Which he did - but also this day he had to leave early... To come back Thursday, which he did, and yes, also this day he had to go early due to phone calls about work needing to be done other places...
Come back tomorrow said again, and yes, he did that, he came on Friday, and on Friday, he did install the garage motors, so in the end, all ended good!! :-)

Just took a long time, and made some frustration. But, also made some good out of it. ;-)

Thursday he left with all done ready for putting up the motor parts, he had put up some small wood beams on the wall, something I looked at as so ugly I wanted it fixed.
So, I sent Tore down to the sawmill, bought a couple of longer wood beams, took down the one he had put up in south, and started to put in the new ones.

Doing this I used my electric drill, had it up on my ladder, and while up there, Tore managed to put his feet's in-between the electrical cord, and Bang!. there feel my drill down on the concrete floor.
And, refused to start again!! :-(

Result, a trip out to buy a new one, came home with a 1000 Watt, instead of my broken 600 Watt, and finally, a electrical cut & mitre saw, with a simple working "table" for it - and a new toy for Tore & me, a digital laser toy used to measure distances, got a good deal on it we thought!
Me now happy, no longer lot of not so good hand cutting for me - yeah!!


Here is the first days work...

Installment of the wood around each side of the openings, better result.

Next day, the northern port! :-)

And almost the whole southern port, just misses the upper most part.

Partly hidden, partly seen... LOL

The small wood beam I hated...

As seen on both ports...


19 February 2007

At last, most of the wall in the bathroom side of the "outside inside" wall is now done!! Now, to make the same above the stairway... :-)
It sure do look like a wall, the studs and so on this picture at left, don't it? LOL

Lot of work, all this is done by a handsaw (manually by me, I'm so sick of sawing...) and a axe as I have no hammer to use, as Řyvind took away his hammer I have been using for some time now.
I so want a electric cutting/mitre saw!!


15 February  -> 18 February 2007
The next days was filled with me doing all the work that was to be done with the house... I did my best to make the roof beams, the wall parts needed to hold the roof up, and in the end I think I did quite a good job. :-)
Not sure if a real carpenter would think so, but as we have none here, who cares. ;-)


Looking down the stairway.

Looking into the bath area.

Roof beams as seen from the bathroom area, it looks correct, don't it? :-) Looks correct, must be correct, right...? LOL

Underside of the beams.

13 & 14 February 2007
Tuesday & Wednesday was also days where Řyvind & Egil did work on our walls, putting up concrete, polishing it, and some other small brush up work along their earlier masonry work.

We had to go to Oslo on Wednesday, so we was not around when they finish of the wall in the stairway down to the basement - and that was also the last we saw of them.
When we came home late that night, they had taken away most of their stuff, and we where again left to our self up here. But, the results look more or less good. It is hard to make it as perfect as I kind of would have wanted it to be, and we see what will happen when we get around to paint it, guess it will become even better looking then. :-)

Busy covering the east wall

in the basement. Then polish it...

Same with the north wall

of the basement, cover & polish.

Here you see the stairway, looking up to the garage, lot of work remains here to make this wall pretty, but it will happen soon. :-)

see, I told you it would happen, Egil busy putting on the concrete mixture, that is used to cover and polish the walls to a more even surface. Ready for paint soon.

Řyvind is the polishing man...

Looking good.


12 February 2007
Monday, and another work week where we have people up here - and as usual, Řyvind & Egil is early up. :-) They finished of the garage walls, and went down to the basement and did a couple of walls there too.



and more polishing....

Putting up the concrete mix...

Waiting for it to dry some...

Putting in the vents...

Egil seems happy with it. :-)

While Řyvind is polishing...

End result of the polishing.

East wall of the basement, vents are in and tomorrow is polishing time.

Rest of the garage walls is done

As seen here, all is done.

Now, to get the missing doors...


11 February 2007
Spent this weekend trying to put up some of the wall covering on the wood wall between the basement and the future bedroom, using large plates we call asphalt plates, used to protect against wind draft and such. I put up one at Saturday, then I did some masonry job at the end of that day, putting up the last row of Leca U-blocks at the east wall in the basement - planning to put in some vents too, but the ones we had was to small so just left the openings.
All this happen as Řyvind & Egil was to "polish" the walls in the basement the week coming.

I did however found another reason to be mad/disappointed at the carpenters that did put up the stud walls, normally they should be at 60cm intervals center/center - but in this case it varied so much I needed to narrow down each of the 3 plates I used - one plate is 120cm wide.
Lot of unneeded extra work had the basic work with the studs been done properly....


Here you see the one single plate I was able to put up, and the last row of the Leca U-blocks is more or less visible at the bottom of the image.

Here is the full wall covered.


09 February 2007
Much to our surprise, happy surprise that is, did we get a visit this day, Egil & Řyvind came by to do some more work on the walls inside the garage to cover the Leca blocks with concrete - the "polishing" I mention last month...

It was a good visit, as Tore and I had a big fight going on by now as Tore so messed up his ways of things that we now is forced to pay for our own moving from the Netherlands to Norway, and not have NATO pay for it as it should have been. All thanks to Tore's stupidity!!! :-(

At least I now got some other stuff to think about, watching Řyvind & Egil... LOL


Outside the southwest port, you might notice the Leca block inside of the steel beam, covering it.

Here you see the same beam, but now inside of the garage, more covering of it, Egil at work.

More of Egil and his work with covering the steel beam.

The result before they start their "polishing" job - looking quite good.

"Polishing" work...

"Polishing" work...

"Polishing" work...

End result of this day.


06 February - 08 February 2007
Řyvind came by to fill the seems off the Leca Building Planks with concrete, to bad we got snow both days he was working on it - the second day the worst snowfall. But, at least most of the seems are filled now, and it is just to sit and wait for the winter to pass by...
And doing some small carpentry work my self...

Thanks to the work by Řyvind we took away the roof cover temporarily, and when we put it back on, we slide it more west so it left the east side of the garage in the open and not under the cover as it has been for some time now. Made the inside of the garage much lighter/nicer, and we got a second cover up front where the doors will be by the end of this month.


Here you see Tore busy moving the wheelbarrow, full of cement, onto the front grab of the "toy" Řyvind came up with this morning. :-)

It was to be used as a elevator to bring the concrete up on the garage roof - after all, it is over 260cm above the ground!!

The wheelbarrow is at the top, Tore is about to take it out from the elevator... :-)

Řyvind busy at work, filling all the seems between the Leca Building Planks.

For each east-west seem, a short 1m iron reinforcement rod was put down along the north-south seems.

Here you see the full north & east vies of the garage with the windows and it's outside framing in it's full glory... Next time you see this view, it will be in stones, years ahead...

My carpentry start...

A view of the elevator from the roof top, quite smart and easy way to bring the concrete up on the roof.

Up on the roof....

working filling seems....

trying to do it fast and good...

And without to much snow...

Not that easy always, lot of snow..

More of my carpentry...


25 January -> 04 February 2007
Not much been happening by the start of February, winter came along and messed it all up so to speak. But some small stuff has been going on at least. :-)

As you can see of the pictures below, I've been in this period from we got the roof in January till now keeping busy by putting in the 4 windows in the garage, and framed them on the outside
We also had a short visit from the "steel man" that put in one support column inside the garage for the steel beam - would do the outside work later he said, hoping the snow would soon be go away...


The window at northwest

 Again, the northwest window

Northeast window...

Both windows at north..

Inside garage, looking east

Support column again, seen north.

Close-up of the welding at top..

The other side of the top...

And, the bottom of the column.