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Gold Coin Mine

Last updated: 23.07.2005 14:01
Only update is I've put up a animated gif of the cage and headframe - yes, I made a very basic cage! Don't think about the fact that it goes up into the headframe and then out into thin air.. ;-)
Reason for this is that if you look closely you can see the cage disappear somewhere on the way up, same thing happen on the way down the hole, so I tried taking it up in case it had something to do with the fact I was going underground.
Nope, it didn't change the disappearing act... :-( This bugs me, and I would love to get it fixed!
Anyone have any clue, please write me!

Just a few pictures update. Old pictures of the mine it self, and screenshots from Trainz under them. I have no picture of the headframe to compare to, so instead I put in a 1908 Sanborn map.
I have seen a picture from around 1930 claiming to be of the Gold Coin but it don't look like the drawing I have so I didn't put it in here. As you see, the mine model itself is very basic, just as I wrote yesterday.
The textures on the mine model is real, taken from pictures of the ruins of the Gold Coin in Victor in June this year. Just seams like Trainz render them more bright then I like...

Sanborn map

Gold Coin in Victor's business District is my third attempt of buildings/structures of the Cripple Creek District. Reason for this is that I needed a mine to feed my Economic Mill, and since this was actually the main mine feeding it, well, it had to be done! :-)

To help me I just have a few pictures from my collection of books and of course the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps where I could see to my delight on the 1908 version that there where something nice for once! This one had some height measurements, and that connected with the pictures helped me make a very fast and very basic model to put inside of Trainz!.
But, it all stopped there, no windows, no doors or anything more have been done to the exterior of the mine. Reason for that is the fact that this mine has been my test for making a working mine elevator, and when putting the building on top I found it real hard to operate the elevator...

Instead I decide to make the elevator part as a separate item from the building itself, and while browsing through one of the books I bought while over in Colorado in June this year I found some interesting things!
One of the things I found was a drawing showing the headframe (Fig1,2,3 & 4) of the Gold Coin mine taken from an article in a magazine called "Engineering & Mining Journal" dated March 7, 1903. The article is called "Headframes of Shafts at Cripple Creek" and is as far as I know starting on page 366 and is written by one called Alexander Forsyth - for those of you who might want to know... :-)
Should you happen to have a copy of this magazine (or other dealing with this area), please, can you help me? :-)

So of course I had to try making this in gmax, and now after 3 days trying to read all the measurements from the book (it was scaled down so hard to read) I have ended up with a model that's fairly correct according to the drawing!
Today I've more or less textured it with a basic wood texture, but I think it needs a little more "tweaking" and yes, some more texturing...  I also need to make a cage, to put in the underground workings and so on, but at least I have the start of something to help me get down in the hole! :-)

Today's pictures:

- Left side of the headframe as seen from inside of gmax - as you see, some work is still not done (untextured stuff) 

Fig.2 - Front of headframe

Fig.3 - A third view from gmax, showing the right side and some perspective to give the depth feeling. Also visible is some of the Sanborn map and the shaft it self (barely) - I think it looks good after 3 days of work..

- This is the backside, seen from inside of TOE, including some info about the model itself at the left side of the screen.



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