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Gmax - Shadow roof meshes

Virtual (Trainz)

Last updated: 30.07.2009 07:03  
Hi, and welcome to the Virtual side of this page! In here you will find things related to the game Trainz, and info/pictures of my model(s) of the Railroads of the Cripple Creek District!
But, you will also find stuff about other things I've done in Trainz/gmax not so much related to the District, as I felt a need to be able to also show things I do to sort of sharpen my skills so I will learn and do a better job with Cripple Creek!

There is not much in here for the moment, but I hope that will change soon - as soon as I'm over this sort of emptiness feeling I have for the moment. I'm sort of having a mental/creator block for the time being.
Not done much for the Cripple Creek projects lately, but I did help out a friend with his Gilpin Tram projects, using that as sort of a way to learn new techniques and ways of doing stuff for my own projects.
I do hope I will be back south soon... J

Just thinks I need a new computer, more powerful and better for 3D work then the one I'm at for the moment.

gmax help/hints 24.08.2005 Added a page about making a "shadow mesh"


13.04.2003 Nothing new, just redone my Trainz front page and moved it under layout(s).


Gallery 1

03.07.2003 Made a screenshot page of basic Trainz landscape along CM/MT between Colorado Springs & Divide, CO. Made with HOG using DEM's/MicroDEM & TIGER files...
Workshop 24.02.2005 Added a page with screenshots of some mines & mills.

11.07.2004  Finely made something on this page... 


28.04.2005 Added 2 links to Cripple Creek models of mine on the Auran Download Station (DLS)


Explaining of words...

HOG Hand Of God - made by a user of Trainz to help assist the making of landscape with the help of DEM files.
DEM's Digital Elevation Model - form for 3D digitized topographic maps, almost all of USA is available free on the Internet. Use MicroDEM - or other programs - to read them.
MicroDEM A program to read/convert DEM's and other digital maps.
TIGER Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system - sort of a digital road map showing roads, rivers, tracks, powerlines and so on, is being used with DEM/MicroDEM to see where roads, tracks and so on are.
DS Download Station at Auran


This page, and this site is the work of me, Linda Irene Tingvik, and all text & pictures unless otherwise stated, is the property of me.
All copying, hot linking, Whatever, should be seek permission for, Before doing it!
If you see something that should not be here, is wrongly marked, or have anything to add, please write me.