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Generic 18" Ore car

Last updated: 02.05.2006 11:10
Update for today is that I haven't had much time to work on my little ore car. Yesterday we was out on a farewell party for one of Tore's work colleagues and came home quite late in the evening to a very wet office!
We had gotten some bad weather, strong wind and rain - and window in office had been open, resulting in one very wet printer and lot's of wet paper... It was water all over the floor around my chair, but thankfully/luckily all the books/maps I have around me here for my projects had escaped as the water had come in another direction then where they where!
So, I never got around to do much work - started a paintjob that I've continued a little today - but need to redo some of the wheels as texturing them proved very hard.
But, I've been inside Trainz just to admire my own work - and here's a couple of shots from that trip. Looks quite good I think, except inside the mines, there the cars/engines are way to light compared to the darkness it should be in there - but making the textures darker would make the cars/engine looking strange outside of the mine so I think I'm in trouble here...
Anyway, here's the picture's of today:

Inside mine, passing through a switch/jct - looks fine I think.

Inside mine, passing through a switch/jct - looks fine I think.

Model seen as Wireframe

I've started yet another project - this time a Cripple Creek related one! :-) And, it's about rail related stuff too - okay, also mine related...

As title says, it's a generic 18 inch ore car that was used in the mines to get ore out to either the ore bins or the dump. Picture of the real version can be seen on the left side here.
This model is generic because I've just followed some basic measurements I made from this ore car outside the City Hall in Victor, Colorado - and thereafter sort of just made the gmax model as close to the pictures I have of it as I could...

Again it's a work in progress - started it actually just before bedtime last night but continued with it during some of the day today and guess I will do some more work on it during this weekend.
I know I should start finish of things, but it is more fun starting new ones...! ;-)

Need to add some more stuff to this ore car, but the basic model is here as the pictures below shows. Sorry about the pink color - just needed a base color to export it into Trainz, and pink was available... :-)
Girls, yes, I know...  ;-)

Some problems have come to my mind, this car is mostly meant to be handpushed as there's now way to attached it to other cars - but I will put in some bars you could hook chains too so it can be towed by my "little trammer" after I rebuild that a little to add support for my ore car to be towed...
Later I will probably make some other more proper ore cars for my Mancha with couplers on them - but I've seen pictures of the device I'm thinking about to my ore car so I know it was at least a prototype in Cripple Creek...

Enough words, get to the pictures, hmm, wonder who said that... Oh well, it is right, I'm out of words so I can as well just add the pictures... :-)


Here's a overview

And, here's another...

Looking from behind...

View from the engine

Engine and cars - want a ride?

On the way into the mountain..

Passing first switch

Just passed the first switch

Approaching the 3 junction...

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