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Economic Mill
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The view of the massive Economic Mill climbing the hillside of Squaw Mountain on the slopes down into Eclipse Gulch is not the best views, but it's pretty cool it is a colored view, albeit I can't be sure the coloring chosen is the right one, I at least have a conformation from a different source that the roof coloring was pink, as it is in this view!
This mill had connection to both road and railroads. The F. & C.C. served the mill from the left-hand side with a siding, while the Short Line, using its Low Line route, would have a siding in from the right-hand side of the mill in this view. The long Ore-shed structure with the sort of black opening about 1/3 down from top was laid with dual gauge tracks to allow all railroad cars to deliver ore. In addition, there was a double level trestle entering the main structures, seen about middle of the view, where the lower level was holding the 18-inch gauge tracks coming from the Gold Coin mine in Victor through the Columbine-Victor Tunnel, while the upper level would allow horse drawn ore-wagons to deliver its ores to the mill.
This mill changes its looks over the years it existed, and this is among the latest looks it had before it sadly burned early in 1907 and to be never rebuilt and just fade away in the history of the district as a failure due to the choice of Chlorination process where Cyanide would have been a better choice it turned out.#96; Economic Mill, Cripple Creek District.
Photo by: Unknown
My Collection; cropped, enhanced, scaled from a 600dpi scan of a postcard.
Media ID: 222
This is a view of the second edition of the massive Economic Mill in Eclipse Gulch, on the west part of Squaw Mountain. First edition stopped at the large wall in lower right with all the windows on it. Around 1903 there would be other changes, the most visible one is that the tunnel portal structure changes from what I her see as a shed like structure into a larger house look with an arched entry.
   Regarding this scene though, they have built the Ore-shed up at the railroad yard where the 3-foot narrow-gauge F. & C.C. enters from the left, while from the right, the Short Line had a spur coming in from a sort of switch back as the roadbed of the Low Line and Short Line is seen about 1/3 down from top of image, the second highest roadbed in this view. There is a square Water-tank of 52000-gallons size that was iron-cladded up there alongside the tracks of the Low Line. Above that track is the Midland Terminal, and below is the mainline of the F. & C.C.
   The structure all the way at left about middle top/down was a brick structure holding the Office and Assay Office, while the smaller structure about 1/3 in from left-hand side and just up from bottom, the one with the high narrow smokestack on it, as per a Sanborn Fire Insurance map, was also a brick structure holding a boiler and marked as Laboratory. Rest of the structures seen are wood covered in iron-clad sidings, painted.
   I did procure the colored version of this image. Source was gray-toned, or in common speech black & white. Used an online service and tweaked and worked with image to get what looks best to my eyes for the moment.The Economic Gold Extraction Company Economic Mill in Eclipse Gulch
Photo by:
View is Straightened, Twisted, Colored, from Facebook post Cripple Creek Museum. I did procure the colored version of this image.
Courtesy Cripple Creek Museum, Facebook Page. Colored edition procured by Linda Irene Tingvik
Media ID: 448
Id No. (Mine / 1902 map):
Chlorination Mill
Date Located / Formed:
Eclipse Gulch [aka Requa Gulch] / Squaw Mountain
Location Map Description:
Discovery / Formed by:
    Burned Down
    Fate details:
    Burned early Wednesday morning the 30th of January, 1907. Never rebuilt.
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          Extra Info/Details [Linked at One Time to the Entity]:
          Electric Power [Line], Chlorination Mill & Cyanidation Mill
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          General notes:
          A report of a fire in 1901 mention a Cyanide Plant on this mill being Insured for $20,000, while plant itself was $230,000.