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The Engineering & Mining Journal 08.04.1893 Volume: Issue: 14
Page: 325 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The owners of the Blue Bird have secured a patent, and have made regular weekly shipments since December 1st. The ore runs from 10 to 25 oz. in gold and from 35 to 90 oz. in silver.
  This is the only mine in the camp which has shipped ore to any amount that contained a few ounces of silver.

Morning Times 07.12.1895 Volume: Issue: 199
Page: 1 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

The Blue Bird Reveling in Richness

  The Blue Bird on the south slope of Bull hill is a wonderful proposition and has been developed in a wonderful manner by lessees Burdick and Nelson, who began work there last June without a dollar.
  Their lease is known as the Last Dime for the reason that they risked their last piece of silver in taking hold of the property. The main working shaft is now only 90 feet deep, and after the first twenty feet was reached the mine has been a constant shipper of high grade ore.
  The first assay from the hole almost paralyzed the poor lessees when they found it reached the high mark of 36 ounces to the ton.
  The second is about 150 feet from the main shaft, and yesterday at a depth of 60 feet they were just striking into the main vein and something good was being looked for at every shot.
  In the main shaft yesterday a five inch streak of sticky tale was broke into. The value had not been tested but it was thought to be exceptionally rich.
  Fifty tons of ore were shipped the first of the week, and twenty tons have been taken out since. The mine is equipped with a substantial shaft house and run with the best of machinery.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 11.01.1896 Volume: Issue: 2
Page: 37 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  North End of Blue Bird, on Bull Hill, is in 1895 on the list of new steady shippers.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 01.02.1896 Volume: Issue: 5
Page: 116 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The lessees of this property are all doing well. The Bartlett lease employs 30 men on a small strip of ground and are breaking about two cars a week of high grade ore.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.04.1897 Volume: Issue: 2
Page: 13 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  Shipments from the Blue Bird, on Bull hill, for March aggregated seven carloads. A large amount of development work has been done while the ore output has been kept up.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.10.1897 Volume: Issue: 1
Page: 12 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  Important development work is going on in the Blue Bird, connecting Nos. 1 and 2 shafts, which will not only give better ventilation but economize cost of operating, by hoisting through one shaft instead of two.

Colorado State Mining Directory, 1898 - Buyer's Guide to Representative Mining Machinery and Supply Houses of America 1898 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 190 [Mine Info]: Blue Bird

Principal Producing Cripple Creek Mines - 1898:

Name:                        Blue Bird mine
Owner:                        Blue Bird Gold Mining and Milling Co.
Capital:                $1,000,000
President:                E. S. Johnson
Secretary:                D. A. Johnson
Superintendent:        Joseph Sticker
Manager:                E. S. Johnson
Description:                three shafts, No. 1, 400 feet deep; steam; three 20-horse power vertical boilers, three hoisting engines.
Employes:                twenty-two employe's
Notes:                        own Blue Bird mine, on Bull mountain

Electricity 30.08.1899 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 123 [Mining Notes]: Blue Bird

  Colorado Springs, Col. - According to the "Gazette", the Colorado Electric Power Company has as a large user the Blue Bird, with a 30 horse power hoist.

PROFITS - A Journal of Finance and Mining Worth While 06.06.1903 Volume: Issue: 10
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Blue Bird

  Leasers on the north end of the Blue Bird, in Cripple Creek, have found another body of ore that is exceedingly valuable. A shipment of twenty tons gave $60 per ton.
  The run is two feet wide, carrying sylvanite.

PROFITS - A Journal of Finance and Mining Worth While 13.06.1903 Volume: Issue: 11
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Blue Bird

  A fine showing is being made in the Blue Bird mine on Bull Hill. The main shaft is down a distance of 1400 feet, at which point a million dollars of high grade ore is in sight.

Mining Reporter 01.09.1904 Volume: Issue: 9
Page: 229 [Mining News]: Blue Bird

  Whiting & Co. have secured a lease on the dump of this property and are now working with a new plant of machinery they have recently installed.
  At present sixty tons of material are being handled daily, but this will be immediately increased to 100 tons. A 15 H.P. electric motor is used to raise the ore on a tram car to a height of seventy-five feet.
  The ore then passes by gravity through screens and a spray washer into the bins and tanks. The first two carloads taken out are said to have averaged $15 a ton.
  It is estimated that the dump contains 20,000 tons.

Mining Reporter 15.12.1904 Volume: Issue: 24
Page: 651 [Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The erection of the large milling plant on the Blue Bird is nearing completion and is expected to be in operation early in the new year; it will be one of the neatest plants in the Cripple Creek district.
  The strike, which was noted as having occurred in this property some two weeks ago, is still holding out and other development work is opening up very nicely.

Mining Science 02.01.1908 Volume: Issue: 1
Page: 27 [Mining News]: Blue Bird Mining Company

  It is announced that the Blue Bird Mining Co. is to erect a cyanide plant for the treatment of a dump tonnage of about 50,000 tons of low-grade ore.

Mining Science 31.12.1908 Volume: Issue: 1 509
Page: 537 [Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The upraise from the 1,350-ft. level of the Blue Bird mine on Bull hill, which was being driven to connect with the workings of the Portland G. M. Co., has been completed and the ventilation of these properties has been greatly improved as a result.
  This will enable these companies to operate at considerably greater depth.

Mining Science 14.01.1909 Volume: Issue: 1 511
Page: 37 [Mining News]: Blue Bird Connected to Portland No. 3 Shaft

  The connection between the Blue Bird and Portland has been completed from the 1,350 ft. level of the Blue Bird to the 1,250 ft. level of the Portland No. 3 shaft.
  The ventilation is perfect and operations will now be resumed on the lower levels.

The Western Investors Review 02.1909 Volume: Issue: 8
Page: 21 [Mines and Mining]: Blue Bird

  An addition is being built to the ore house at the Blue Bird mine on Bull hill to accommodate the increased production.

Mining Science 11.03.1909 Volume: Issue: 1 519
Page: 196 [Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The Blue Bird mine on Bull hill produced 30 cars of ore in February. The development work on the 1,300-ft. level is now possible, due to the connection by crosscut with the 1,200-ft. level of the Portland G. M. Co.'s No. 3 shaft.

The Sun 21.06.1909 Volume: Issue: 294
Page: 9 [Article]: Blue Bird

Colorado Springs, June 15. - The Blue Bird at 1,350[?] feet depth has entered an ore body carrying high values in gold and silver.
  Assays show 84[?] ounces in silver. Picked specimens of quartz carrying an almost solid streak of gray copper promise higher values.
  The mine is one of Cripple Creek's deepest and all developments in it are significant.

Mining Science 14.10.1909 Volume: Issue: 1 550
Page: 355 [Mining News]: Blue Bird

  About 1,000 tons was the output for September from the Bluebird on Blue hill. The general average was about $20 per ton.

Mining Science 24.03.1910 Volume: Issue: 1 573
Page: 283 [Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The Humphreys-Thompson leasing syndicate, operating the Blue Bird mine, on Bull hill, is making production of between 35 and 40 tons a day, the ore averaging $20 a ton.
  Five sets of sub-lessees are at work in the upper levels and all are producing. The mine is owned by the Blue Bird Co.
  The leasing company is operating the lower levels and is also exploiting the Trail group, adjoining the Blue Bird, owned by the United Gold Mines Co., by long crosscut, carried out from the seventeenth level of the Blue Bird main shaft, at an approximate depth of 1,350 ft. from the surface.
  Both mineralized dikes and well-defined veins have been encountered in the prosecution of the work, and prospects for exposure of permanent ore bodies are considered excellent.

The Mining World 26.03.1910 Volume: Issue: 13
Page: 674 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The Humphreys-Thompson Leasing Co., operating the Blue Bird on Bull hill is producing 35 to 40 tons daily, averaging $20.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 02.07.1910 Volume: Issue: 1
Page: 37 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  It has been decided to lease this mine from the 700-ft. level upward to the surface, and A. Pearce, the new superintendent, is at work sampling this portion of the mine.
  From the 700-ft. level to the bottom level, 1350 ft., the mine will continue to be worked on company account.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 27.08.1910 Volume: Issue: 9
Page: 429 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The shipments for August were the heaviest for many months, and it is stated that the Keegan lease is shipping 5-oz. gold ore.

Mining Science 27.10.1910 Volume: Issue: 1 604
Page: 405 [Mining News]: Blue Bird

  Work of sinking the Blue Bird shaft from the 1,220-ft. level an additional 300 ft. has begun.

Mining Science 17.11.1910 Volume: Issue: 1 607
Page: 480 [Mining News]: Blue Bird

  The Blue Bird property, on Bull hill, is shipping between 20 and 25 cars a month of good ore mined on various levels where the new ore bodies have been opened.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 03.12.1910 Volume: Issue: 23
Page: 1125 [General Mining News]: Blue Bird

  This mine, on Bull hill, is shipping from 20 to 25 cars a month, and the shaft will be sunk from 1300 ft. to 1500 ft.

Eagle Valley Enterprise 23.05.1913 Volume: Issue: 32
Page: 6 [Colorado News]: Blue Bird

To sink the main shaft of the Blue Bird mine from the 1,700-foot level a six by eight geared hoist has been sent to that property on Bull hill in the Cripple Creek District

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