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Aspen Daily Chronicle 07.06.1892 Volume: 4 [IV] Issue: 184
Page: 2 [Article]: Pharmacist

  The owners of the Pharmacist are willing to wager a few dollars that the three cars of ore which they will ship this week will run over $400 per ton.

Aspen Daily Chronicle 07.06.1892 Volume: 4 [IV] Issue: 184
Page: 2 [Article]: Pharmacist

  The Pharmacist have made shipments or can with absolute safety be relied upon as a shipping mine in the immediate future.

Greeley Tribune 01.12.1892 Volume: 23 [XXIII] Issue: 1 148
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Pharmacist

  The Pharmacist sends out about forty tons a week to denver. The ore nets about $200 a ton, which is extraordinary.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 01.04.1893 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 13
Page: 301 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist Mining Company

  Recent developments in the Pharmacist mine indicate that the chute from which so much ore has been extracted is dipping diagonally into the Burns lode, and will be encountered at a depth of about 100 ft. in that mine.
  A level from the Burns working shaft is being driven to intercept this channel of ore at a depth of about 135 ft., and within a few days it will be reached.
  After April 1st the lease and bond now held by W. B. Brooks, A. D. Jones and others will be surrendered to the Calumet Mining Company in exchange for 600,000 shares of stock, and the mine will therefore be operated by that company, its sole owner.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 08.04.1893 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 14
Page: 325 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Returns on a car of Pharmacist were received that went a little over $4,300.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 27.05.1893 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 21
Page: 493 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

(Reported for the "Engineering and Mining Journal.")
  The Pharmacist on Bull Hill is looking well and is being actively worked.

Aspen Daily Chronicle 29.05.1893 Volume: 5 [V] Issue: 274
Page: 1 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  The Pharmacist never looked so well and never produced so much ore as is now being hoisted out. The average daily product is now twenty-four tons, four of which is high grade and is sent to Denver, the balance going to the mills.
  On the third level the entire vein matter, seven feet wide, is first class ore and does not need sorting. The cross vein, encountered some days since, mention of which was made in The Crusher, has been drifted on and promises well, the entire vein matter being good milling ore with rich spots occasionally.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 24.06.1893 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 25
Page: 581 [Article]: Pharmacist Represented at the Colombian Exposition



Specially Reported for the Engineering and Mining Journal.



  Colorado displays her mineral resources attractially near the main entrance to the Mines Building. Numerous cases filled with ores line the two closed sides of the pavilion.
  Along the aisles great masses of gold and silver ores form an effectual barrier. Numerous beautifully polished columns of building stones ornament the interior, while above all of these a massive coal column raises its head.
  Displayed attractively in the center of the pavilion is $16,000 worth of pure gold. The gold is in glass cases, and arranged so advantageously that it is a source of constant admiration from all.
  As a whole, it compares most favorably with the States that can be
called its competitors, and the amount of ores in weight and value undoubtedly surpasses all others. The exhibits are arranged by counties, each county having a separate space.

  Cripple Creek representations are numerous. Among them are:
  • and the Pharmacist mine free gold specimens and ores averaging from $25 up.

Aspen Weekly Times 08.06.1895 Volume: 15 [XV] Issue: 23
Page: 2 [Colorado News]: Pharmacist Strike

  Regarding the recent Pharmacist strike little can be said that has not already been made public. The returns of the last car have not as yet been received.
  The new controlling elements have, it can readily be seen, plans of wide scope, and have no intention of being hurried in making them effective. Lack of ready funds is giving the company no end of annoyance, not to mention many unpaid obligations.

Akron Weekly Pioneer Press 14.06.1895 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 4 [Article]: Pharmacist

  The shipment of twenty tons made from the Pharmacist a few days ago nettet rather over $50 to the ton.
  Superintendent Rowan still has hopes of once more making this mine a divident payer. Most of the mineral is taken from the seventh level.

Morning Times 07.01.1896 Volume: 3 [III] Issue: 224
Page: 1 [Mining Notes]: Pharmacist

The last shipment from the Pharmacist of fifteen tons brought returns of $91.20.
There is now a good big shipment of low grade ore at Gillett. From eighteen to twenty tons of that which will average five ounces is ready to ship.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 11.01.1896 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 2
Page: 37 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  The Pharmacist has discovered a rich vein to the north.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.01.1896 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 3
Page: 69 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  This mine to-day received the results from the Victor Sampling Company of 9.5 tons of ore, which yielded $155 per ton, and a large tonnage of screenings netted $48 per ton. The mine is likely to come to the front again.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 08.02.1896 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 6
Page: 143 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  This mine made a 21.5-ton shipment this week, 9 tons of which came from the 4th level or from the new vein. The balance came from the shaft at the 620 ft. and is supposed to sample about 12 oz. per ton. The shaft will be sunk again during the week. There are 28 men employed now and 8 additional miners on development alone.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 04.04.1896 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 14
Page: 333 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist Mining Company

  The shaft has been sunk 630 ft. and the present showing is good. The pay-streak in the shaft is fully 3 ft. wide assays taken across yielding $690, but the smelters' returns give over $100.
  This property for 2.5 years did not meet expenses, but incurred a debt of over $8,000, which is fast being liquidated. The shaft was sunk 330 ft. on the vein without encountering any mineral of value, the assays yielding from $3 to $5 per ton, and yet at the depth of 620 ft. the values in the vein returned and the property in all probability after the erection of heavier machinery will be in a position to resume dividends.
  The Pharmacist is now the second deepest shaft in the district.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 11.04.1896 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 15
Page: 856 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  This mine at a depth of 660 ft. presents hopeful appearances of permanency. The vein or ore shoot has continued for 60 ft. in depth and for 75 ft. in length, and on the bottom drift is now 3 ft. wide. The gold from the bottom of the shaft is of a bright color, unlike the dull heavy bronze color found nearer surface and is the brightest gold seen in Cripple Creek.
  In the shaft there is no trace of tellurium or even of water. A winze is being sunk on the new vein at the fifth level, the lowest assay taken from the pay streak 6 in. wide has been $200, while several samples
of $500 have been taken.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 18.04.1896 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 16
Page: 381 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist Mining Company

  At a depth of 660 ft. or the tenth level to-day commenced the starting of new drift. The first time that levels have been started in mineral for 370 ft. The shoot of ore is now proven for 55 ft. in depth and 75 ft. in length and still holds good.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 06.06.1896 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 23
Page: 549 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  At this mine, on Bull Hill, a new shaft has been started north of the old shaft. It will be sunk vertically to the 250-ft. level, where it will come on a shoot of ore, and from that depth to the lowest level, 660 ft. It is estimated that the ore taken from the sinking of the shaft will be more than sufficient to meet all expenses of sinking and timbering.
  The mine sold 42 tons of shipping ore, averaging about $150 per ton, during the month of May. The low-grade ore is treated at the Gillette Chlorination Plant.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 20.06.1896 Volume: 61 [LXI] Issue: 25
Page: 596 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  This property, on Bull Hill, is gradually liquidating its indebtedness, at the rate of $2,000 per month. The new machinery will be placed on the old shaft, 665 ft. deep, and the old machinery will be used for the sinking of the new shaft.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.11.1896 Volume: 16 [XVI] Issue: 4
Page: 7 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

Cripple Creek Mail:
  A recent shipment from the Pharmacist of 34 tons of ore, averaging $75 per ton is a sufficient reason for the better prices at which the stock is selling.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.01.1897 Volume: 16 [XVI] Issue: 8
Page: 8 [General Mining News]: Output of the Pharmacist Mine for 1896

Cripple Creek Mail:
  The Pharmacist Mine, one of the leading Cripple Creek Mines, employing 35 men, did output for 1896 a total of 1,000 tons at a Gross Value of $50,000.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.03.1897 Volume: 16 [XVI] Issue: 11
Page: 11 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Returns from the last shipment from the Pharmacist have been received. There are ten tons of high grade ore that went $85, and forty-five that averaged $30.40 per ton.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.04.1897 Volume: 17 [XVII] Issue: 1
Page: 12 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Three carloads of ore shipped from the Pharmacist will return the company a very handsome amount. The best grade is expected to average six or seven ounces to the ton and the balance will run from $40 to $60 per ton.
  This is one of the best shipments that has ever gone out from the Pharmacist and it will break all previous records.

Colorado State Mining Directory, 1898 - Buyer's Guide to Representative Mining Machinery and Supply Houses of America 1898 Volume: Issue: 0
Page: 202 [Mine Info]: Pharmacist Mine

Principal Producing Cripple Creek Mines - 1898:

Name:                        Pharmacist Mine (Bull Hill)
Owner:                        Pharmacist Mining Co.
Capital:                $1,200,000
President:                A. D. Jones
Secretary:                J. W. Miller, Colorado Springs
Description:                shafts, 600 feet and 210 feet; 80- and 20-horse power boilers; 12x14 and 8x10 cylinder hoisting engines.
Employes:                fifty-six employes

Morning Times 01.05.1898 Volume: 5 [V] Issue: 326
Page: 5 [Article]: Pharmacist





Some of the Ore Sent Out From Cripple's Mines

Pharmacist - A shipment of 22 tons of five-ounce ore went out during the week.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 15.09.1898 Volume: 19 [XIX] Issue: 12
Page: 13 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  W. Miller, who has leased the old south workings of the Pharmacist, on Bull hill, is sinking a new shaft which is now down 25 feet, and two feet of quartz has been uncovered.
  Pay assays have been had from this vein and ore is being saved for a trial shipment.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.02.1899 Volume: 20 [XX] Issue: 9
Page: 14 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  The main workings of the Pharmacist mine steamed up on the 11th inst. For several days yet operations on this part of the property will be confined almost entirely to cleaning up the mine.
  When work is begun in earnest, the first move of the lessees will be to sink the Jones shaft about twenty feet, and connect it with the eight level of the old workings of the mine. This will be at 560 feet depth.
  A three-shift force is employed. J. S. Murphy, who made a mine out of the Isabella Company's Smuggler, is a part owner in the new lease in the Pharmacist and is in charge of the work.
  The lease runs 5 years.

The Mining and Metallurgical Journal 01.11.1899 Volume: 22 [XXII] Issue: 3
Page: 35 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

Colorado Springs Investor.
  Lessee Murphy, operating the Pharmacist, has made a rich strike in the upper workings. Particulars regarding the extent of it are lacking, yet it is known definitely to carry a streak of rich water quartz, showing plenty of free gold.
  The vein is said to be a new one for the mine.

Mining and Scientific Press 26.07.1902 Volume: 85 [LXXXV] Issue: 0
Page: 54 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  The Pharmacist Con. M. Co. has decided that in the future no work will be done on company account. The Pharmacist claim on Bull hill is all being worked by lessees. Some of the lessees are in good ore and are shipping.

PROFITS - A Journal of Finance and Mining Worth While 19.09.1903 Volume: 3 [III] Issue: 25
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Pharmacist

  The lessee on the Pharmacist property on Bull hill is also breaking down ore that will give returns of $40 per ton. He has already made a shipment.

PROFITS - A Journal of Finance and Mining Worth While 31.10.1903 Volume: 3 [III] Issue: 31
Page: 2 [Mining Notes]: Pharmacist

  Lessees all over the camp are doing a flourishing business. One of the lessees on the Pharmacist property this week sent out a shipment which will return him at least $40 per ton.

Seeing Cripple Creek 01.1904 Volume: 2 [II} Issue: 2
Page: 22 [Notices]: Pharmacist

Taken from a longer article;

The Pharmacist.

 James W. Levan and associates, leasing on the north end of the Pharmacist on Bull hill, have just struck it rich at a depth of 140 feet. They are now preparing a shipment from the ore shoot encountered at the depth stated. The shoot is three feet wide and runs better than $120 to the ton. The Pharmacist was the first mine in the Cripple Creek district to pay a dividend, and is equipped with an extensive and modern plant of machinery. The production of the mine to date has been more than $1,000,000. The friends of Mr. Levan all over the state are congratulating him on his exceeding good fortune.

Mining Reporter 25.04.1907 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 17
Page: 385 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Ore averaging as high as $136 gold to the ton is reported opened up at the 960-foot level of the Pharmacist. The ore is sylvanite, and is said to make in places as wide as three feet.

Mining Reporter 02.05.1907 Volume: 55 [LV] Issue: 18
Page: 406 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  The recent strike made at the Pharmacist property is said to be as promising as at first reported, the ore body widening with exploitation.  The shaft has been sunk to the 700-foot level by the leasing company,  and it is expected that regular shipments will soon begin.

The Mining World 18.01.1908 Volume: 28 [XXVIII] Issue: 3
Page: 114 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  W. J. Hill & Co., operating at a depth of 185 ft., and at a point 30 ft. west of the shaft on the north end of the Pharmacist property on Bull hill, are breaking ore of a good grade from a vein 2 ft. wide.
  The coarse rock is returning better than 1 oz. in gold and the screenings are going as high as $100 to the ton. The lessees are making a steady production.

Mining Science 21.05.1908 Volume: 57 [LVII] Issue: 21
Page: 499 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Ward and Hill, operating on the Pharmacist on Bull hill recently shipped a carload of ore running about $50 per ton.

Mining Science 28.05.1908 Volume: 57 [LVII] Issue: 22
Page: 519 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  A recent shipment from the Pharmacist, on Bull hill, gave returns of from $40 to 60. This shipment was made from development work, as the company is prospecting the property without attention to production.

Mining Science 25.06.1908 Volume: 57 [LVII] Issue: 26
Page: 599 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Hill and Ward, operating on the Pharmacist claim, are making regular shipments of from 6 to 10 cars per month. The ore averages from $30 to $50 in gold.

Mining Science 17.09.1908 Volume: 58 [LVIII] Issue: 12
Page: 237 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  The Pharmacist on Bull hill reports the opening up of a new ore body on the 900-ft. level.

The Western Investors Review 10.1908 Volume: 15 [XV] Issue: 5
Page: 37 [News Of The Mines]: Pharmacist

  Ward and Mills, operating on the Pharmacist property of the Pharmacist Gold Mining company, are maintaining a good output, broken from the vein exposed at a depth of 700 feet.
  The ore is returning average values from two to three ounces to the

The Western Investors Review 12.1908 Volume: 15 [XV] Issue: 6
Page: 11 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  A prospecting permit for 30 days, with option on 18 months' lease has been granted by General Manager Edward of the Pharmacist Consolidated Mining company to Jones and associates, on the south block of the Pharmacist mine, on Bull hill.
  The lessees have commenced work.

Mining Science 17.12.1908 Volume: 58 [LVIII] Issue: 1 507
Page: 496 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  The lessees on the north end of the Pharmacist, on Bull hill, have put their electric compressor into operation and are sinking a winze on the ore body opened up recently by the crosscut from the Wrockloff shaft on the 180-ft. level.

Mining Science 25.03.1909 Volume: 59 [LIX] Issue: 1 521
Page: 237 [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Shipments are being made from the Pharmacist.

Mining Science 15.04.1909 Volume: 59 [LIX] Issue: 1 524
Page: 296 [Mining News]: North Burns Mine

  The lessees on the Pharmacist are making a steady production of two cars a week of ore which averages about 1 oz. gold per ton. The lessees are operating through the main shaft on the North Burns mine.

The Mining World 19.02.1910 Volume: 32 [XXXII] Issue: 8
Page: 440 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Regular shipments are being made from the Pharmacist, on Bull hill, the ore returning from 1 to 3.5 oz.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 02.07.1910 Volume: 90 [XC] Issue: 1
Page: 37 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  Ward & Hill, lessees, are producing from 75 to 90 tons per week of ore, yielding $23 per ton.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 28.10.1911 Volume: 35 [XXXV] Issue: 18
Page: 871 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  General Manager Thomas Ward of the old Pharmacist is making efforts to put the property on a paying basis. He has granted a number of applications for leases, and issued many prospecting permits.
  The lessees working a block on the 1st level have opened a new ore shoot from which they are shipping.
  Another set is driving a crosscut in the direction of the old Ward & Hill shoot, which was mined above the 300-ft. level.
  Within the past month the hoist has been overhauled, the shaft repaired, and new tracks laid in the drifts.

The Engineering & Mining Journal 04.11.1911 Volume: 92 Issue: 19
Page: 913 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

This mine has been put in shape and opened up for leases after long idleness; the blocks of ground are being taken rapidly. This mine was the first dividend payer in the Cripple Creek district about 20 years ago.
Thomas Ward is manager.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 25.11.1911 Volume: 35 [XXXV] Issue: 22
Page: 1083 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  A number of new finds are reported from the Pharmacist.
  • What appears to be an important discovery developed in a raise has been made by lessees Howard & Co. The ore is said to contain sylvanite and free gold.
  • Henry B. Denny has opened ore on the 4th level.
  • Another lessee has taken good samples from a block on the 2nd level.
  The water has gone out of the 800 and 900-ft. levels.

Mining and Engineering World [former Mining World] 30.12.1911 Volume: 35 [XXXV] Issue: 27
Page: 1340 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist

  The superintendent of the Pharmacist reports that the mine is good for the production of 100 tons per month of milling-grade ore.

Mining Science 14.03.1912 Volume: 65 [LXV] Issue: 1 676
Page: 267 [a35] [Mining News]: Pharmacist

  In the last 30 days Matha & Co., leasing a block on the first level of the Pharmacist mine on Bull hill, shipped about 5 cars of ounce ore. It is mined from a stope about 40 ft. long and the vein is 3 ft. wide.

Mining Science 09.05.1912 Volume: 65 [LXV] Issue: 1 685
Page: 426 [a34] [Mining News]: Pharmacist Gold Mining Company

  Negotiations for the leasing of the entire estate of the Pharmacist Gold Mining Co., located on Bull hill, are being carried on and it may be that terms will be reached in a few days.

Mining and Scientific Press 29.11.1913 Volume: 107 Issue: 22
Page: 870 [General Mining News]: Pharmacist Mine

Fifteen feet of ore is being mined in No. 2 vein of the Pharmacist mine, on Bull hill, by the lessee, B. F. Hill.
Without sorting, this ore averages about $13 per ton.

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